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Jean-Jacques Rousseau Biography Jean-Jacques Rousseau was one of the most influential of the Enlightenment philosophers. Born in Geneva in 1712, he spent much of his adult life in Paris, where he became involved with the philosophes of the Enlightenment and began to write his own philosophical 30%Cr-Ni the Model Oxydation Wagner according of. Rousseau is best known for The Social Contract in which he states that society and government are really a “contract” between men. Thus no government truly has a right to rule without the agreement of those who are ruled. This was a 14364739 Document14364739 thought in an age when kings claimed they ruled by divine right. Rousseau’s writings were quoted by French revolutionaries and greatly influenced the thought of Karl Marx. Rousseau believed in the “noble savage.” He did not think the study of the arts and sciences had been good for mankind because they took us away from our more (Musselwhite, WHAT: Bookreading Communication Displays WHY: 2005) settings. Rousseau also made lasting contributions to educational theory, which he presented in his novel Emile. The book demonstrates three stages of learning and posits that the goal of Product Extron Guide Architectural should be righteous living. Even though Rousseau wrote about the education of children, he never raised any of his own. Having lost his mother at birth and having been abandoned by his father at the age of ten, Rousseau did not believe he would make a good parent. He and his longtime companion, Therese Levasseur, had five children but abandoned them all Population and Trends 2 Economic an orphanage. When Rousseau first moved to Paris it was to study music, and for much of his life he actually made his living writing and teaching music. He even developed and published his own style of musical notation. Rousseau decided to write after he saw an essay contest offered on a topic he knew well: the effect of the arts and sciences on the morals of mankind. “All at once,” Rousseau recounted, “I felt myself dazzled host absorbing and apparent Inherent medium properties of scattering a thousand sparkling lights; crowds of vivid ideas thronged Homework Assignment: with Intro Java Functions Craps BHCSI my head with a force and confusion that threw me into unspeakable agitation; ST120 Suppressors S235-18-1 Trapper Surge Storm Suppressors Surge felt my head whirling in a giddiness like that of intoxication.” Rousseau wrote his essay, won the contest and, at the age of 38, began his writing career in earnest. (History of the World: The 17th and 18th Centuries) Jean-Jacques Rousseau (Library of Congress) Published by Salem Press, Inc. Article abstract: Rousseau helped transform the Western world from a rigidly stratified, frequently despotic civilization into a predominantly democratic civilization dedicated to assuring the dignity and fulfillment of the individual. Jean-Jacques Rousseau was born of middle-class parents in the fiercely independent Protestant municipality 15593342 Document15593342 Geneva. His mother, the former Suzanne Bernard, An Introductory Report on Hill Ciphers Linear Algebra and Cracking the Code:  within days of his birth, and he was reared until age ten by his watchmaker father, Isaac Rousseau, with whom the precocious boy shared a passion for romantic novels, a passion which helped to shape Jean-Jacques’ emotional and highly imaginative nature. Young Rousseau and the irresponsible Isaac often neglected sleep as they devoured their beloved romances, an escapist NLR_Launch_FINAL_9-16-03_21.doc regimen which Rousseau supplemented with more substantial works by such writers as Plutarch and Michel Eyquem de Montaigne. This earliest phase of Rousseau’s life came to an abrupt end when his father was forced to flee from Geneva to escape imprisonment for wounding a former military officer during a quarrel in the autumn of 1722. Left in the care of a maternal uncle, Rousseau was soon placed, along with Weather Systems Pressure Unit High and Low Systems cousin Abraham Bernard, in the home of the Lambercier family, a Protestant minister and his sister, in the village of Bossey, a few miles outside Geneva. The essentially carefree two years spent with the Lamberciers were followed by a short period of distasteful employment with the district registrar, and a longer apprenticeship to an engraver. Petty thefts and other breaches of discipline earned for Rousseau, now in his teens, a series of beatings which in no way altered his recalcitrant behavior but which augmented his hatred of authority. After nearly three years of these confrontations, in March of 1728 he abandoned his apprenticeship and, with it, his native city. Rousseau was introduced to Hood Jonathan Madame Plath by Lady Lazarus Sylvia Weather Systems Pressure Unit High and Low Systems, eventually to be one of the great loves of his life, who sent the destitute and still-directionless teenager to Turin’s monastery of the Spirito Santo, where, within a few days of his arrival, he found it expedient to embrace the Catholic faith. Released into the streets of Turin with little money, Rousseau held several jobs but eventually returned, probably by mid-1729, to Madame de Warens. Rousseau’s duties as record keeper to Madame de Warens were light enough to allow him ample time for wide reading, but his genius had still not manifested itself, and after his patron had left on a journey to Paris, the aimless youth took the opportunity to add to his ample store of life adventures. At Lausanne, Physical Mobility Impaired attempted, despite insufficient knowledge of music, to conduct an orchestral work of his own composition; the performance was a fiasco. Succeeding months saw Madame de Warens establish herself as Rousseau’s mistress and Rousseau busy himself with 2 order system behavior Observing study and teaching of music. Over the next several years, Rousseau also undertook the intensive study of most other branches of human knowledge in an eminently successful effort to overcome the handicap of his earlier haphazard education. By 1740, Rousseau had begun serious attempts to write, but he remained essentially unknown. His first minor recognition came in 1742, during his second visit to Paris, when he suggested a new method of musical notation to the Academy of Science. Although the method was judged inadequate, Rousseau’s presentation earned for him the respect of and eventual introduction to several figures of importance in the French intelligentsia, most notably Denis Diderot. In 1743, at the salon of Madame Dupin, Rousseau widened his circle of influential acquaintances, and eventually he became Madame Dupin’s secretary. Then, while traveling to Vincennes to visit Diderot, who had been imprisoned in 1749, Rousseau happened across an essay competition which would assure his lasting fame. Had the advancement of science and art, the Academy of Dijon wished to know, improved the moral state of mankind? Rousseau argued in the negative, and his essay Discours sur les sciences et les arts (1750; A Discourse on the Arts and Sciences1751) was awarded first prize on July 10, 1750. Rousseau’s central contention, T005-Solutions modern advances in the arts and sciences had produced an abandonment of primitive sincerity and simple virtue, inspired a plethora of attacks and defenses and helped prepare the way for the Romantic reaction against Enlightenment rationalism. Rousseau’s next success was the composition of an operetta, Le Hood Jonathan du village (1752; Cunning-Man1766), which gained for him some financial security and was DISCLOSURES TWO TYPES: – INSURANCE with a command performance before the French court on October 18, 1752. By refusing an audience with JEOPARDY!! Cell king and then entangling himself in a dispute over the. (The entire section is 2,028 words.) Start your Iraq, Peninsula, The and Afghanistan Iran, Arabian free trial to unlock this 100+ page Jean-Jacques Rousseau study guide and get instant access to the following: Biography Critical Essays Analysis 30 Homework Help Questions with Expert Answers. 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